Orit Hickman


Dr. Hickman earned both her Master and clinical Doctor degrees in physical therapy from Temple University in 2000 and 2004 respectively. She has been certified as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist by the American Physical Therapy Association. She has been an instructor in the University of Washington physical therapy program and a Kinesiology instructor at Anne Arundel Community College in Maryland. Dr. Hickman, her husband Matthew, and their son Emerson moved to the Seattle area in 2007.


I opened this clinic to be able to treat patients one on one for 1 hour sessions. That was the main motivator—but what I really love are the people I get to work with every day—my staff and patients. I love feeling like this is a second home for me, and my days fly, never drag like they used to when working in other practices.

What I really love are puzzles. And each patient walking in the door is a new puzzle to unlock. Each person is different, so each diagnosis is different. I have experienced pain that stopped me from doing the things I wanted to do—and I have exercises that keep me strong, and prevent further injury. It's all about movement…and movement matters!